COVID-19 Notice

Ongoing measures (at 30/03/2020)

In the line with the measures recommended by the health authorities to limit the spread of COVID-19, and in view of the current circumstances, we have taken extraordinary measures to protect the health and safety of our staff, clients and other professionals, while we continue to provide our services.

The measures, valid at the moment until 14th April 2020, are:

We are deploying all the means and resources at our disposal to guarantee the safety of all our members and minimise the risks and uncertainly created by the current situation. The above measures are provisional and will be reviewed as the circumstances require.

We apologize for any inconvenience that may arise and we appreciate in advance the understanding of these exceptional measures established.

jmae consists of more than 45 professionals who are highly qualified in the practice of the of the different areas of company law and financial consultancy, providing an integrated service to over 2,000 clients. Our goal is for our clients to be able to focus on doing what they do best: generating business. The team at jmae deals with the back-office, offering personalised services with clear values: initiative, honesty, objectivity, rigour, efficiency and innovation.


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Qualified professionals in the various areas in the practice of company law and financial consultancy
Especialistas con una clara orientación al cliente.

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