Wealth Management

Wealth Management

At jmae we work together with Urban Top Zone, which specialises in the integrated management of real estate assets: residential, offices, commercial premises and industrial warehouses.

Management of Real Estate Assets

For the purposes of estate planning, implementation of a medium-long term management methodology, analysis of the real estate assets, proposal of objectives, action plan, and execution through risk control and profitability.

  • Study of lease and ownership situation of all entities.

  • Maximum profitability potential based on market conditions for the different levels of investment.

  • Preparation of the business plan to update assets and improvements in the operation, with analysis of the profitability associated with any investment.

  • Execution of the business plan.

  • Negotiation and advice in obtaining financing

  • Tax accompaniment with the property advisors, contingency studies and management and investment risks.

  • Strategic investment/divestment planning.


We manage and administer all the aspects of your real estate portfolio on a daily basis.

  • Personalised and individual communication with an integral service.Each owner is assigned an account executive.

  • Payment of monthly receipts and management of utilities: changes of ownership, meter readings on arrival and departure, and management of outstanding payments.

  • Management of building work: project scope, licences, contracting, and access to advantageous conditions.

  • Management of replacement maintenance under predictable conditions at competitive prices using specific control software.

  • Compatibility with the owner’s computer systems.

  • Ongoing study of the ownership situation in forced extension of contracts.

  • Management and settlement of Property Tax, VAT and rates;Corporate Income Tax and Personal Income Tax returns, and update of insurance.

  • Paperless management, using digital signature of documents and telematic procedures with authorities.

  • Swift reaction to incidents regarding payment.

  • Analysis and review of cadastral valuations: impact on Property Tax, municipal capital gains, etc.

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